For a wide variety of irregularities, e.g. in the area of the lips and eyes, for the lip contour and the damp stairs, as well as wrinkles, red veins or small reddening.

Line Correcting Pencil conceals lines and wrinkles, increases the luminosity of the eye and lip make-up, conceals redness in the lower eyelid and makes the eye appear more alert, corrects irregularities in the lip contour, visually fills lip wrinkles and prevents the lipstick from running into the wrinkles .


When lines and wrinkles are concealed, work directly into the wrinkles. To compensate for irregularities in the lip contour, simply apply along the lip contour. Apply directly to the moist stairs of the lower eyelid to compensate for reddening of the lower eyelid. Tip: As an aid before plucking the eyebrows, draw a clear upper and lower contour of the eyebrow, then pluck.

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