Hyaluron Filler is a milky emulsion for cushioning wrinkles for external use. Hyaluron Filler is a dermal filler with immediately visible smoothing of the skin. Hyaluron Filler also acts as a long-term moisturizer and promotes the retention of water in deeper layers of the skin. Hyaluron Filler is free of preservatives.

Application: You can use Hyaluron Filler in two ways.

1. After cleansing and toning before applying your usual cream. Continue rolling over the appropriate areas of skin several times until a visible amount of emulsion remains on the skin. Tap the hyaluron filler into the skin with gentle movements from the inside out. After a short time of drawing (about 2 minutes) you can apply your cream as usual.

2. For particularly deep-grained wrinkles or strong eyelid wrinkles, then apply some more Hyaluron Filler locally to these areas. Work the emulsion exactly as described above.

Note: Hyaluron Filler is a high-dose active substance concentrate. For sensitive or extremely thin skin, in hay fever in allergic persons, it is recommended to apply Hyaluron Filler on the creamy skin. Alternatively, you can apply Hyaluron Filler mixed with your cream.

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