Hyaluronic acid is an important component of human connective tissue and also an excellent moisturizer. It binds water, like a micro-sponge, filling up the empty spaces between the collagen fibers. The transepidermal water loss is stopped and the skin quickly replenishes lost moisture. A visibly fine-pored, tender and optimally moisturized skin is the result.

Since wrinkles are the cause of moisture loss, the skin is additionally smoothed with Hyaluronic Booster and thus looks freshly cared for.

Application: Apply Hyaluronic Booster in the morning and, if necessary, in the evening on cleansed skin. To enjoy the full effectiveness of the emulsion, first apply Hyaluronic Booster gently over the whole face until the emulsion is lightly creamed. Now Hyaluronic Booster is stroked from the center of the face with light pressure to the temple area, always in one direction.

If you use an additional preparation, Hyaluronic Booster is always applied first. After a contact time of 2-3 minutes, the additional product or make-up takes place.

Our tip: If your eyelid area is overtired and wrinkled, apply Hyaluronic Booster locally.

Areas of application: - for the treatment of transepidermal water loss - for skin smoothing in wrinkles wrinkles

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