Phyto-Oil Mask is an oil-gel preparation for the enrichment of the skin fat coat. It can be used alone or in combination with our various creams.

Application: Phyto-Oil Mask can be used in three ways: 1. Apply Phyto-Oil Mask on cleansed skin. Then let the mask work for about 15 minutes and then work the mask remainders into the skin.

2. Mix 1: 1 Phyto-Oil Mask with water, tonic or tea. The result is a water emulsifiable emulsion. Then apply this emulsion to the skin and proceed as described above.

3. Mix 1: 1 Phyto-Oil Mask with your day or night cream and apply the mixture to the cleansed skin like a cream. You thereby increase the oil content of your care cream.

Areas of application: - dry skin - flaky skin - brittle skin - eczematous skin - dry wrinkled skin - supersaturated skin

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