Skin Smoothing Balm is a protective concentrate in the form of a soft emulsion.


Skin Smoothing Balm feels especially beneficial to dry skin. Active care substances make the skin appear fresh and tender.


Skin Smoothing Balm is gently massaged into clean skin in the morning and / or evening. The dose varies between pea and coffee bean size.


INCI declaration: aqua, avocado oil¹ persea gratissima², methyl gluceth-10, evening primrose oil¹ oenothera biennis², squalane, glycerin, hydrogenated palm glycerides, PEG-20 methyl glucose sesquistearate, cetyl alcohol, butylene glycol, sesame oil unsaponifiables¹ sesamum indicum² glucose sesquistearate, xanthan gum, ascorbyl palmitate, perfume, sunflower seed oilˡ helianthus annuus², tocopherol, locust bean gum¹ ceratonia siliqua², citric acid, sodium lactate, carbomer, coco glucoside, sodium phytate, phenoxyethanol, palmitoyl 7-oloyl peptide glycine, . 1 = CTFA 2 = INCI

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