Organic algae peeling from the organic nutrients of oceanic microalgae and pure, biological clay for the face and body.Thalasso Algae Peeling causes a clear, fine complexion and stimulates the skin to new activity and vitality.Thalasso Algae Peeling is well tolerated even on sensitive skin.

- Circulation stimulating - Improvement of microcirculation - Detachment of horny cells - Komedolytische effect

Application: Put the desired amount of Thalasso Algae scrub in a small container and then add water, tea or tonic (lukewarm) in a ratio of 1 to 3. Stir until a homogeneous jelly has formed. With the help of a finger, brush or spatula, apply Thalasso Algae Peeling evenly to the skin (eye area and lips remain free). After 10-12 minutes, the mask begins to solidify and, depending on the skin type, is rubbed off or removed with a damp compress.

Areas of application: - impure skin - keratinized skin - scarring - oily skin - pale and rough skin - coarse-pored skin

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