Phyto Oil Cleanser is an intensive, water-soluble cleansing oil for perfect facial hygiene.

Especially the strong seborrheic, but also the make-up skin after cleansing with Cleansing Milk often does not clean the pores deep, so that a second or third time must be cleaned. Phytp-Oil Cleanser intensively removes grease, without straining or even drying out the skin.

Application: For cleansing in the morning and in the evening, apply the appropriate amount of Phyto-Oil Cleanser to the palm of your hand and spread over the surface of the skin with a light massage for a short while. Then moisten the hands well with lukewarm water and emulsify with circular motion Phyto-Oil Cleanser (until the oil has turned into milk). Then remove with plenty of water. Do not get in eyes!

Areas of application: - oily skin - impure skin - mature, seborrheic skin - heavily painted skin - strong sebum and perspiration - soiled skin, eg due to environmental influences

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