For wrinkle reduction, without scalpel and without injections

Immediately after application: you feel and see a natural lifting effect. Your skin looks fresher, younger and firmer. Your silhouette looks like it's raised. At the same time your skin is supplied with long-lasting moisture. The skin pores refine, your skin looks clearer and finer.

2 drops daily for a naturally tightened skin. 2 drops of action that you can also feel physically.

As soon as you apply Shape Resurfacing or No - Age Juvenizer to the skin, your skin starts to tingle and the preparation "works": "it works", they say in technical language. This tingling sensation indicates that the drug is on your nerve endings. Within 2 minutes, the feeling has returned to normal. Experience shows that this feeling is less noticeable over time. This depends on the general skin condition, but does not mean that the effect has diminished.

To apply Shape Resurfacing or No - Age Juvenizer: After cleansing and toning, spread a drop of gel over the entire face, keeping eyes closed. The gel "works". Convince yourself in the mirror of the first tightening success. As soon as the tingling sensation subsides, apply your day cream as usual. Do not completely massage the cream into the skin. For the remaining 10% apply the second drop of the gel and distribute both in a firming direction, from the center of the face to the outside. You will feel a tingling sensation again and can then apply Pure Silk as a finish. A look in the mirror shows you your naturally streamlined, smooth complexion.

The application should be daily and applies equally to ladies and gentlemen. A minimum age is not required, the crucial factor is the condition of the skin. Choose between both preparations, whether light or intense, the underlying skin is crucial.

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