With ELASTEN® you noticeably improve the moisture and elasticity of your skin and visibly reduce fine wrinkles. Discover the specially developed drinking collagen for perfect anti-aging from the inside.

Innovative and sustainable drinking formula
Useful supplement with vitamins, zinc and acerola fruit extract
Improves the natural skin formation from the inside out *
The subcutaneous structure is supported Strength, density, smoothness and elasticity increase again *
The beauty effects have been proven in scientific studies *
In order to also ensure the external care of the skin, it makes sense to supplement the drinking formula with nourishing creams
The collagen peptides in ELASTEN® have a unique composition and size so that they are ideally absorbed by the body. With vitamin C, it is possible to activate the body's collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin.

application areas
The collagen peptides in ELASTEN® regenerate the skin structures and strengthen the collagen structure on the whole body from the inside:

1. Skin moisture
In order for the skin to optimally store moisture, an intact collagen structure in the deep skin layers is necessary. The special, bioactive collagen peptides in ELASTEN® stimulate the collagen-producing cells of the deep layers of the skin. The collagen produced regenerates the collagen structure, i.e. the skin's moisture storage, so that the skin's moisture improves.

2. Skin elasticity
The collagen structure in the deep skin layers can not only store excellent moisture, it also ensures the structure and elasticity of the skin all over the body. If the collagen structure is regenerated, the skin becomes more elastic at the same time.

3. Wrinkle reduction
Through the regeneration of the collagen structure in the deep layers of the skin, the skin becomes even again. With simultaneously improved skin moisture and more skin elasticity, the deeper skin layers become more stable and plump. Wrinkles, lines and unevenness are evened out from the inside. The complexion is refined? and that sustainably.

Take the contents of a drinking ampoule daily before or with a meal. Ideally, you should drink ELASTEN® in the morning, as the metabolism is more active during the day and the nutrients are better distributed in the body.

It is recommended to use it as part of a course of treatment lasting at least 3 months. The first significant effects can be expected after 4 weeks. Due to its good tolerability, ELASTEN® can also be taken permanently.

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