Fine sea salt with a high content of marine minerals and trace elements. For a smooth and supple skin. Ideal to use as a salt bath for sensitive skin and therapy-accompanying care in atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, as a detoxifying bath for a firm and firm body silhouette, as a relaxing full bath against everyday stress or as a smoothing exfoliation for soft and tender skin.


The skin is remineralized and it helps to bind the moisture.


Brine salt bath for sensitive skin and therapy-accompanying care for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis: dissolve 400 g of sea salt in a bath with warm water. After bathing, care for the skin with the Med salt lotion.

Full Sea Salt Scrub for all skin types: Mix 2 tbsp Flexible Salt with 3 tbsp Flexible Moisturizing Lotion or Med Shower Gel. Apply to the entire body while gently rubbing in. Then take a shower or take a bath.


  • sea-salt
    Contains essential metabolism-activating minerals such as iodine, bromine and magnesium salts.

    INCI: sea salt

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From: claudia Date: 03 January 2018

Ich verwende das Salz nun schon seit drei Jahren immer wieder und bin begeistert.

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